Choosing your Family Portrait Photographer

How do you choose a family portrait photographer that is a perfect fit for your family? Are you price sensitive, value for money, or attracted to the best quality portraits?

Family portraits are a big investment of your time. Getting everyone together at the same time on the same day can be challenging, making sure everyone is in clothing colours and patterns that compliment and not clash with each other, making sure children have a good nights rest the night before and praying they are not sick on the day of your portrait session. Then there is getting the location right, having everyone agree to be involved and just hoping the weather is perfect for a smooth session. So at the end of the day, the challenge can become too overwhelming to bother with going ahead, and it is easy to let the years pass by, and before we know it, children have grown, and loved ones have passed away (I was lucky myself to do a family portrait with my father included 4 weeks before he passed away). Now with Facebook, it is much easier to communicate with everyone involved by creating an event,  even including the photographer as well so everyone can join in the decision making and discussion and decide on a time that suits them. This I have found to be the invaluable, with families being able to pose questions to me in relation to their portrait session and coordinate a perfect family session.

I’d like to believe our family portrait collections are affordable, but not cheap. All photographs are professionally checked for colour correctness and quality. A lot of thought goes into making sure you get the best out of your session, and I am continually researching new posing techniques and sourcing great locations to use as your portrait backdrop.

I have worked with teenagers, young children and babies for over 16 years, and I am aware how safety is important; therefore I am fully immunized against any nasties, have DCSI and Police Clearances.


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